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Acupuncture Imaging:
The Primary Meridians

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A Technical and Beautiful Point Reference

This chart is made by a TCM practitioner and a swiss designer who have created a chart that is both accurate and aesthetically pleasing. The Image Desk has spent years finalizing the point locations and drafting the bones and muscle anatomy.

Locations Taken

from the Classics

Since 2012, The Image Desk has researched the locations of the meridian points as revealed in the Huangdi NeiJing. With the help of a Chinese translator arriving at a meticulous interpretation of the primary meridians points. The body illustrations were made by Swiss illustrator, Niklaus Schlumpf in collaboration with an anatomical illustrator and a working acupuncturist. Many details were realized using the original anatomical illustrations of Henry Gray and Henry Vandyke Carter.


Tendons, Muscles

Fully Detailed

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"A work of Art."

— TCM Health Monthly

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How Acupucnture Works

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Designers designers saw a strong need for better Chinese Medicine materials. With a background in anatomy and special effects, Niklaus produced the musculature and led art direction for the whole project . David McLean MS LAc is an acupuncturist at Yale New Haven Health and has a background in architecture design. Together in many stages they brought the project to fruition through years of iterations.